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  • Are you trying to heat your swimming pool or jacuzzi?

  • Is your Heat pump or Solar water heating not effective?

  • Are you looking for Cheap Hot Water 365 Days a year.

  • Do you want to avoid upcoming Eskom increases?

  • Look no further.....

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Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the environment and save energy by providing our Customers with a renewable energy source that is growing in abundance in South Africa. 

  • In the case of electricity in South Africa the consumer might even have to subsidise large infrastructural investments for the future.

  • Wood on the other hand is a renewable energy source growing in abundance in South Africa.

  • Currently 8% of the country is invaded by alien tree vegetation that can be used as firewood,

    namely 10 million Hectares of land and 2 billion m3 of firewood.

  • By installing a Biomass Boiler you will start saving money from the moment it is installed.

  • Given both the abundance of and cost per season for natural wood, wood is a winner as it’s both affordable and accessible.

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